The Forensic Violence Index (FVI) consists of 154 true-false and multiple choice questions and takes 25 minutes to complete. All FVI tests are computer scored. From test data (answers) input, FVI tests are scored with their 3 page printed reports available within 2 minutes. FVI research is available at FVI assessments are appropriate for men and women.

Forensic Violence Index (FVI) Scales (Domains)
1. Truthfulness Scale
2. Violence Scale*
3. Anger Scale*
4. Aggression Scale*
5. Alcohol Scale
6. Drug Scale
7. Antisocial Scale
8. Impulsiveness Scale
9. Stress Management Scale

*The FVI scores the anger-aggression-violence continuum and the dominant emotion is the one that is printed in the FVI report. This applies to every FVI that is scored.

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Test Materials
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