The Juvenile Intervention Assessment (JIA) evolved from the Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII) - Juvenile. The Juvenile Intervention Assessment has 143 items and takes 25 minutes to complete. Juvenile Intervention Assessment results can be used in counseling and treatment program intake assessment or for screening and referral, as warranted. The Juvenile Intervention Assessment provides an objective and standardized assessment of the youth tested.

Nine Juvenile Intervention Assessment Scales (Measures)

1. Truthfulness Scale
2. Anxiety Scale
3. Depression Scale
4. Self-Esteem Scale
5. Distress Scale
6. Family Dynamics Scale
7. Alcohol Scale
8. Drugs Scale
9. Stress Management Scale

The Juvenile Intervention Assessment (JIA) can be administered as a screening and referral test, at program intake, at follow-up intervals of 30 days or more and at counseling or treatment completion.

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Test Materials
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