The Sexual Adjustment Inventory (SAI) is an adult (male and female) sex offender assessment test. This is a state-of-the-art test that is comprehensive, informative and statistically sound. It is considered by many the best test available for evaluating sex offenders.

The SAI identifies sexually deviate and paraphiliac behavior in adults accused or convicted of sexual offenses and has been standardized (normed) on thousands of sex offenders.

Important sex-related and non-sex-related attitudes and behaviors are evaluated, and this comprehensive, multi-scaled approach provides meaningful sex offender information in one 50-minute to one-hour sitting.

The SAI has demonstrated impressive reliability, validity and accuracy. This test meets and exceeds the professionally accepted standards.

The SAI has 225 items, takes 50 minutes to one hour to complete and has 13 measures (scales). These measures include six sex-related scales and seven non-sex-related scales.

1. Sex Item Truthfulness Scale
2. Sexual Adjustment Scale
3. Child (Pedophile) Molest Scale
4. Sexual (Rape) Assault Scale
5. Exhibitionism Scale
6. Incest Classification Scale
 7. Test Item Truthfulness Scale
 8. Alcohol Scale
 9. Drugs Scale
10. Violence (Lethality) Scale
11. Distress Scale
12. Antisocial Scale
13. Impulsiveness Scale

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